Key Reasons to Hire an In-Home Caregiver

Key Reasons to Hire an In-Home Caregiver

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Many seniors today are fortunate enough to enjoy living independently well into their golden years. However, eventually assistance may be needed. While this can sometimes happen quickly due to an accident, you may also find your senior loved one experiences gradual changes that alter the ability to handle daily responsibilities. When this happens, hiring an in-home caregiver provides a few wonderful benefits.

1. Provide Emotional Support
Seniors who live alone are more vulnerable to the effects of stress on their emotional well-being. Loneliness, grief, and boredom, all take a toll on emotional health. In-home caregivers make it a point to maintain a cheerful attitude as they help seniors with their daily routines and encourage them through challenging activities.

2. Watch for New Health Conditions
Many developing health issues begin with mild symptoms that are easy to overlook. However, professional caregivers are trained to monitor seniors for changes that signify a need for further investigation, such as an altered gait or weight loss. If a medical appointment is necessary, a professional caregiver can help your loved one schedule one and get to the doctor’s office safely.

3. Help with Medication Management
New medications being added to your loved one’s treatment plan may make it difficult to stay on track. Seniors with memory loss may also have difficulty taking their medications on time. However, an in-home caregiver can help your loved one set up a personalized medication management plan that may include tools such as pill dispensers or logs to make sure the medicine is taken appropriately.

4. Support Family Caregivers
When a senior loved one first needs help, family caregivers often try to do it all themselves. However, there tends to come a time when this is no longer possible due to increasing care needs or time commitments. In-home caregivers provide respite care options that range from as little as a few hours a week to overnight stays, allowing family members to tend to their own needs.

5. Assist with Personal Hygiene
Physical and mental changes in the senior years sometimes affect the ability to take care of personal hygiene. Going about with unkempt hair and skipping baths could have an effect on your loved one's self-esteem and possibly cause an uncomfortable rash.

6. Prevent Fall-Related Injuries
When you arrange for professional caregiving services, your loved one’s caregiver can also conduct a risk assessment when visiting the home for the first time. Often, small changes can be made to prevent falls, such as removing a slippery rug or adding a nonskid mat to the bathtub. Preventing fall-related injuries can help your loved one maintain a high level of independence while aging in place.

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